"To Me From Me ..."

A self-empowerment series designed to increase one’s awareness of positive self-image and self-esteem. This seminar is very popular with a variety of audiences, including recovering addicts, HIV/AIDS victims, agency employees, and church groups.

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"To Me

From Me ..."

God Still Believes in You

This is a spiritually-based series for individuals/audiences dealing with rejection, low self-esteem, and unforgiveness toward self-following moments of failures, faults, and flaws. It uses several Biblical characters and highlights their ability to achieve despite their often self-destructive behavior. Has been well-received when taught in a church setting.

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God Still

Believes in You

BBQ "Bounce Back Quality"

Designed for those who find themselves starting over again while recovering from various tragedies in life, including divorce, job loss, health issues, substance abuse, natural disasters, and incarceration. Works especially well for extended retreats or intensive events.

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"Bounce Back Quality"

Yes We Can

Yes We Can Seminar. A team building seminar/workshop designed to unite and strengthen organizations, churches, corporate teams, or other groups by employing strategies that develop and enhance self-awareness and the importance of others in the team effort. Highly effective for larger audiences and for organizational leadership/top management.

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We Can

Toxic Relationships

A workshop emphasizing empowerment to those struggling with "going nowhere" relationships by recognizing various elements and indicators that detract from self-worth and self-respect. Targeted audiences include anyone involved in any kind of relationship, (i.e. intimate, casual, or business).

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“TO ME FROM ME WITH LOVE ALWAYS” is an excellent self-empowerment tool passionately written and is a good read for individuals and group studies. It is a staunch informer to some and a reminder to others of the importance of self-awareness, self-worth, and self-actualization. Dr. Collins uses personal experiences and practical approaches to illuminate the need for every human being to recognize and appreciate his or her God-given innate beauty, talents, and treasures. Everyone deserves to be loved and has a responsibility to share love, but that love must first begin with a healthy reflection of self.

“GET YOUR LIFE” introduces 7 Necessity Principles readers can use to gain or regain much-needed stability, success, and satisfaction we all so much desire and deserve. This book challenges the readers to take a realistic and measurable evaluation of their current way of living to determine where changes are needed and to become motivated to make those changes. At the end of each chapter, Dr. Collins includes questions for the reader to think about and to journalize their responses as well as to set goals toward getting and living a fulfilling life.  This boook will be released soon, and you’ll want to get your own copy!

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